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Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 27 in Urdu English

Watching Barbaroslar: Turkish, English, Urdu, Arabic, Bangla Subtitles, Watch Barbarossa Episode 27 with English and Urdu Subtitles for Free, Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 English and Urdu Subtitles

Drama Serial: Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici (Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean)

Season: 1


Episode: 27

Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles

Duration: 2:15:09 (Full)

Release Date: 14th April 2022


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Barbaroslar Episode 26 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 27, Oruj returns to Kelemez after releasing Gabriel and immediately begins seeking for Sahbaz. Gabriel begins to scold himself for abandoning Levitha. Sahbaz, Gabriel claims, will cause greater damage to the Turks by utilising his soldiers in Kelemez. Oruj visits the customs office but is unable to locate Sahbaz. Sahbaz understands he must flee Kelemez and orders his troops to attack everyone in the city.

When a man shoots Oruj, Antuan makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friend’s life. Oruj orders the sailors to transport Antuan to the city right away. Meryem claims she will sneak into the bay’s ship to catch Sahsenem. The bullet is removed from Antuan’s body, but he has lost a lot of blood, according to the doctor. When Khizir discovers Meryem is heading to the bay, he sets out to stop Sahbaz.

Meryem claims that Khizir will arrive regardless of the circumstances. Oruj alleges that Pasha has been sheltering Sahbaz all along and asks that he be punished. Oruj declares that he will no longer allow Pasha to harm the island and requests full authority of the island from Hamza. Hamza accepts the proposition and requests that Pasha swear loyalty to Oruj.

Antuan’s life, according to the doctor, is in jeopardy. Dervish clasps Antuan’s chest in his hands. Antuan, on the other hand, begins to experience a dream. Antuan recognises his long-lost lover and begins conversing with her. Antuan’s lover informs him that she converted to Islam before dying and wants him to assist his buddies. Soon later, Antuan awakens. Sahbaz travels to an island and advances by laying traps.

A few men assist Sahbaz in his escape. Sahin expresses regret for killing his sister and vows to avenge her. Meryem is saved by Khizir, who assures her that she will be OK shortly. Oruj will never be able to secure this island, according to Pasha, but Hamza urges him to follow the government’s orders. Oruj arrives later and informs Sahbaz that Meryem and Sahbaz have gone to Modon. Oruj is asked by Hamza to bring evidence on this matter.

Khizir travels to Modon Castle and requests Gabriel’s assistance in delivering Sahbaz. Gabriel claims that Sahbaz is now a Venetian citizen and that he would never be handed back to him. Sahbaz and Sahin begin fighting, but Doge intervenes. The Doge offers Khizir a chest of gold in exchange for him giving up the position, but he refuses. That night, Antuan goes to a cellar and hears a guy reading the Qur’an. Later, Antuan runs into Dervish and informs him of his dream.

Pasha expresses his willingness to assist Ilyas. Hamza tries to persuade Oruj to halt the war preparations, but he is unable to persuade him. Doge approves of Sahbaz’s proposal to send a large number of pirates to Kelemez by employing his man in Pasha’s place. Ilyas approaches Oruj for permission to bring the ship he purchased to the port. Oruj asks Ilyas to return yet again, but he refuses to change his mind.

Watch Barbarossa Episode 26 with English Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Turkish TV

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Arabic Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Bangla Subtitles

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