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Warcraft Beginning (2016) Movie Storyline

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We see some creatures at the beginning of the film. Orcs looked like humans, but they were stronger than humans. There we see an orc named Durotan. We accept that the orc tribe was magically destroyed by Durotan. Many people were killed because of this magic. They will have to move to another place for the sake of their tribes.

Then we see Durota’s waiting wife. Seeing the situation, they were worried about the future of their children. Then all the orcs gather on the ground and there we see their leader named Gul’dan. He had magical powers. Using this, he took services from the orcs. Then we see a girl who is half human and half orc. Gul had imprisoned him. Because he did not want to join her in wrongdoing.

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This means that he is a good orc. Apart from that, Gul had kept more people there. Garona wants to let them leave Guldan. Here we know that Gül’da will sacrifice the people he arrested. Because Film Magic needs a lot of sacrifices. Rose sacrifices everyone’s soul in front of Film Magic. In return, Philmeggy opens a giant portal. Orcs can use this portal to go to another world.

When this portal starts to close, Gul gets half of his tribe. For this reason, half of the orcs remain in their worlds. Then we see Durota’s wife in pain. Seeing this, his husband became angry and asked why he had brought his wife here in such a situation. Then a baby was born, but it died. Gul uses his powers and transfers the spirit of a deer to that baby, and the baby comes to life. Then King and Commander Luther showed us.

They receive a message from a place called Stormwind. It was; someone attacked the storm. Stormwind summoned King Luther. After that, Commander Luther sets out for Stormwind. There he meets a magician.

Luther is mistaken for this wizard. He catches it because it is next to many dead bodies. Luther asks the King who he is and why he is here. Because this wizard answered us, great calamities are approaching us. You made me wrong! I am your helper, not your enemy.

Luther asks the magician what he is talking about. The magician replied that I was examining the dead just to find out. Luther allows the wizard to check the check organs. Then a green smoke rises for that body. He is afraid of the king and says that we should inform the king about it as soon as possible. Then they both go to meet the King of Stormwind. After listening to them, King Luther asks for a man.

The man called was actually Stormwind’s guardian. He also had magical powers. Then Luther and the magician began to bring Luther. They explain everything to that guardian. He is told that the King summoned him to the palace. Then the guardian uses his magic power to leave. In doing so, they immediately reach the palace. The King of Stormwind is happy to see his guardian. He explains the whole situation and asks her for help. This guardian offers to investigate the place where the wizard found the bodies.

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What if we learned something by going there? Then they went there with some soldiers. But the orcs attack them. They begin to brutally kill Luther’s Army. Seeing this, Luther uses his magic power. All the orcs destroyed due to the film Magic are killed. Non-corrupt orcs are not killed. Using their magic, guardians give milk. So they return to their cities. Durota’s friend Luther is attacked.

During this battle, Luther cuts off Durota’s friend’s hand. He kidnaps Durota’s wife. Seeing everything, Durotan starts to run away. Then he sees Garona chained there. He frees her and tries to escape. However, he uses his magic to capture Garona. Luther and the sorcerer imprisoned Garona and took her to the King. King asks Garona who you are and how you got here. He says we are not of this world.

We are here to take control of your world as our planet disappears. After that, King asks Garona for help. He realized that Garona did not love his tribe and did not join them. Then we see Durota’s friend. Gul was about to sentence him to death. Because he was defeated by the people. Gul asks Durota’s wife to sacrifice her life for Film Magic.

Durotan saved her because she could not let her husband die. Rose feels aggressive. Durotan tries to convince Gul. The war is not between us, but in someone else. Therefore, you should not kill the people of the tribe.

Hearing this, Gul forgives Durota’s friend. Rose says they have to sacrifice more people in front of Film Magic to make it stronger. He orders the orcs to bring more people. The next day, Durotan talked to a friend about the situation. Gul’da’s magic and Film Magic is responsible for this, he says.

Everyone at Stormwind will die if they don’t stop. Durotan replied that we should take a step against him. His wife says that we are not strong enough to oppose Guldana. The next day, King prepares Garona for the post. There, a queen gives Garon a special knife that he says will help him in a difficult time.

Then Garona comes to the tribe and orcs with a magician. Durotan sees them there, but does no harm. The magician says he wants to sign a contract with his team. So ask your king to meet me on the black mountain. The next day he goes with the Royal Army to meet Durotan on the Black Mountain.

There they made a plan to kill Guldan. Gul’da’s people were spying on them. They attack the king’s men. Then the guardian stops in the mountains and uses his magic. It creates a wall between humans and orcs. Then we see the king’s son behind the other wall with the orcs. He could not go near his people because the wall was so strong. But Durota’s friend kills him. King is still working hard to save his son, unable to cross to the other side of the wall.

Then Garona and the sorcerer chase after the guardian and go to that mountain. They see that the guardian has fainted as a result of the magician’s overuse. The magician takes the guardian and sees his eyes. The film sees that his eyes turn green because of Magic and he himself will be spoiled. The magician and Garona take him to a magic bridge. They went there and extended it. Then Garona leaves.

To learn more about the wizard, the wizard starts reading a book, but sees someone there. He told her that the guardian was the one who helped bring Guldan by magic. So let the orcs enter your city. the magician immediately tells Luther. Upon hearing this, Luther also doubted the guardian. On the other hand, we see Durota’s husband killing Durota and his men.

Because he betrayed the orcs by helping people. Durota’s friend then helps Durota’s wife escape. To save his son’s life. But on the way, Gul’da’s wife catches him. Then Durota’s wife puts the baby in a basket and runs it with water. But then the orc and Durota’s wife quarrel.

They both kill each other. The Guardian offers the king to attack the orcs. For being killed. But Luther tells the King that we should not have done this until now. The king was saddened by the death of his son and declared war. He does not join them in war. He goes to the city with an excuse.

On the other hand, Durotan calls Gulda to fight. He says the winner will be the new leader of our tribe. After that, Durotan and Gul enter into a big fight. On the other hand, we see a guardian who started using Film Magic. Here the portal begins to open again. But Durotan and Gul were engaged in the struggle.

Gul sees that the guardian has started his work accompanying them. He must open the portal completely using magic. But in this battle he deceives Durota. He betrays her and sacrifices his life for Film Magic. The Royal Army is coming soon. Where humans and orcs begin to fight.

Luther tells the sorcerer that we must stop the king in order to get things right. The magician answers that we must stop the guardian before that. In order not to help Rose to open the portal. On the other hand, Rose managed to open the portal. Therefore, the orcs left by Rose are beginning to enter this world before.

Luther and the sorcerer go to the guardian and defeat him after the fight. The guardian’s spell stops and the portal begins to close. Not all other orcs can enter this world, this guardian does a good thing before he dies. It opens another portal for people arrested by orcs so they can go home. Seeing that the portal was open, the king ordered the army to take the captives to Stormwind.

All the soldiers obey him. All prisoners are taken safely to Stormwind. But by this time the orcs had killed many people. Seeing this, the King asks Garona to kill him before the orcs kill him. May these orcs appreciate you in my death. To be a source of peace between humans and orcs.

Garona didn’t want to do that, but then she realized it was necessary to normalize things. So he kills the King with a knife given to him by the queen. Seeing Garona doing this, all the orcs take her to Guldana. Gul is impressed by Garona and admires her. When Luther arrived, King found him dead with the knife.

He immediately realizes that Garona is doing it. Then Luther takes King’s body and begins to move. But Durota’s companion fights him, and Luther kills him here. Reaches Stormwind Palace with the king’s body. Then we see the Queen doing the King’s funeral. Declares war on orcs. Luther is the leader. Then we see that someone found Durota’s son.

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