The UAE will Now Grant Citizenship to Foreign Investors and Doctors

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced major changes to its citizenship laws.

The Gulf country will allow foreign investors, doctors, scientists, artists and talented people and their families to become citizens in a historic way.

The historic decision, tweeted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, was taken to ensure the national development process and the social stability of the people.

We have made changes to the law that allow investors, skilled talents and professionals, including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, writers and their families, to be granted UAE citizenship.

The new directive aims to attract talents that contribute to our development. UAE cabinet executive councils will nominate a candidate for citizenship according to the criteria set for each category.

The law is allows UAE passport holders to retain their current citizenship.


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People in this category will be able to apply for Emirati citizenship under certain conditions. Amendments to the law will also allow buyers to retain dual nationalities that were not previously allowed There are different conditions for people in different categories: Investors will be able to obtain citizenship only if they own property in the UAE.

Must have at least one patent approved by a relevant international body, including the UAE, and have a letter of recommendation from the UAE Ministry of Economy. Medical doctors and skilled professionals can apply for Emirati citizenship only if they specialize in a unique scientific field that the UAE needs, have ten years of experience in this field and participate in research and studies of scientific value. Candidates who are scientists must also have ten years of experience in their fields and be active researchers in these fields.

In addition to a letter of recommendation from a scientific institute accredited in the UAE, they must make significant scientific contributions to the country. Candidates who are artists must be awarded an international prize in their field and be at the forefront of culture, art and other talents.

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