The PMD Predicts Unusually Severe Winters in February

There are reports that the weather will be colder in February this year, and temperatures will reach new lows in the next few weeks.

According to a comparison statistic released by the Met Office, colds in February are unusually severe each year.

Last week, the temperature in Karachi dropped to 9 degrees, and the humidity was 63 percent. According to statistics, the temperature was -14 ° C in Scardu, -12 ° C in Astore, -8 ° C in Gilgit and Hunza, and -4 ° C below Quetta.

Fog is expected to reappear in some parts of Punjab, and people have been advised to avoid long road trips.

The minimum temperature recorded in Karachi yesterday was 11.5 ° C. Light winds are expected in the southern part of the port city this week. Parts of Baluchistan, especially Quetta and Kalat, recorded temperatures below -1 ° C and below -3 ° C, respectively. In general, dry weather will prevail in the whole region in the coming days.


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In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, cities such as Peshawar and Abbottabad will experience partially cloudy conditions for the next week or more, with light showers in the upper parts of the province until the end of February.

According to weather forecasts released by the Pakistan Meteorological Department, parts of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan regions will experience significant changes in weather conditions in February.

The weather in Punjab will not change significantly, clouds are forecast in most parts of the province.

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