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The Bell of Magic


Shiv was a little boy who lived in a village. His mother and younger sister live at home. He used to pasture cattle near the mountain in the forest. There was a massive tree in the area. Shiv used to sing songs while sitting beneath the tree. There, he became friends with the birds. He kept a close eye on the herd.

In the evening, he’d return to the village… and hand over the livestock to their rightful owners. He’d be paid for grazing the cattle all day long in the scorching heat. Shiv used the money he made to cover his living expenses. With the money, he looked after his mother and sister. With the money he made, he purchased necessities for his home. At times, his younger sister yearned for delicious cuisine.


She was sick of the same old, boring food. Shiv knew what she wanted, but he couldn’t help her. He needed to put money aside for his younger sister’s education. Shiv went to the jungle the next morning to graze the cattle. He spotted a woodcutter taking down the tree beneath which he sat and grazed his cattle. He felt both scared and sad. He did, however, have an idea. Woodcutter, pay attention to what I’m saying. What’s the point of chopping down this tree? I believe you are unaware that the witch who lives in this tree will possess whoever takes it down. She’ll annoy him. The woodcutter was terrified and fled. Run, run, run!

After the woodcutter had left, the tree’s spirit came in front of him. It exclaimed joyfully, My life was saved because of you. As a result, I’m overjoyed. As a token of my appreciation, I present you with this bell. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this bell. This isn’t your typical bell. It’s a magical bell. It can be used to purchase any type of food. However, keep in mind that you can only ask for food once every day. Thank you so much, my friend. Shiv was overjoyed because no one would have to go to bed hungry any longer. His little sister would be able to eat whatever she wanted.

Shiv told his mother and sister about the incident when he went home later that evening. His mother and sister appeared to be overjoyed. They asked for the magic bell to grant their wish. They chose their food, ate to their hearts’ content, then retired to their beds. Shiv took the animals out to graze the next morning. When he returned home in the evening, he saw that all of the kitchen items were empty. For him, there was only dry flatbread and pickles. The cuisine he consumed on a daily basis.

Shiv was discouraged and enraged. He went to bed without eating anything. The next morning, he carried the magical bell with him. When his mother and little sister became hungry, they went in search of the magical bell. They looked around the entire home but couldn’t find the magical bell. They were depressed. They thought they’d misplaced the bell. They didn’t think they’d get the bell or food. They went to bed famished.

Shiv returned home later that evening… and retrieved the magical bell from his pocket. He placed his order for the food of his choice. This made his mother and little sister very sad. His younger sister began to cry and remarked, “Brother, you’ve turned selfish.” You weren’t always like this. Shiv was disappointed to learn of this. He was also aware of his error. He did, however, express his feelings. You requested food from the bell, but you failed to remember to keep food for me.

I was exhausted and hungry when I went to bed. I didn’t have any other choice. I felt depressed and enraged. His sister realized she had made a blunder. They ate together. What did you think of the story? It is intended to teach us a lesson. Keep this lesson in mind at all times. The story’s moral is that we should not be selfish. We have a responsibility to look after the needs of others.



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