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The Army of the Dead | The Best Hero Of The Movie

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The Army of the Dead will play the Best Hero of the Movie. Netflix Upcoming Movie Army of Thieves will play Lachwig Dieter. Popular character in Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead. The security guard, played by German actor Matthias Schweighöfer, confronts the King of Zombies in the original film, but it is unclear whether he was killed by Alpha or whether he survived the climate shock that ended Las Vegas. The Army of Thieves will not literally “revive” Dieter, but will investigate his past before the zombies begin.

Dieter steals almost every scene in the Army of the Dead. When offered $ 250,000 by Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) to attend a sinful city, he compared a vault map with Botticelli’s “Madonna of the Magnificat” with a sexual experience. Dieter then talks romantically to the Olympus safe, known as the “Götterdämmerung,” and yells maniac (loudly) while guarding the zombies. Not surprisingly, Dieter’s strange behavior and unique outlook intrigue his peers, all of whom must agree that he is better at breaking the safe than killing a zombie. Since The Army of the Dead gives little information about Dieter’s background, Schweighöfer’s comedy time is especially important in every scene.

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According to producer Deborah Snyder, Army Bandits will be a romantic comedy with few zombies. In Prequel, Schweighöfer plays Nathalie Emmanuel in the role of Gwendoline, which is likely to be of interest to security officers. Army of the Dead, Scott and Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera) explain Dieter’s presentation of the sequel to the film, which involved him in Gwendoline’s Safe & Lock Co.

Since Emmanuel was not cast in the first film, it is possible that he does not have a character. Get rid of the Bandit Army. In this situation, his theoretical death and his transformation into a shambles not only strengthens Dieter’s long-term character arc, but may also explain why he hasn’t killed a zombie before. Schweighöfer’s character was traumatized by the experience and later renamed his work after Gwendoline.

If Gwendoline survives the Army of the Dead timeline, the Army of Thieves may have a traditional rom-com tone. Dieter looks like a hopeless romantic who makes awkward statements around others in the first film. So, unlike a vault in Las Vegas, it will be interesting to see how a man expresses his feelings for a woman. The Army of Thieves can use the zombie structure for contextual purposes and then follow the heroes as they try to draw their swords. Gwendoline’s Safe & Lock Co. may be a business that belongs to Emmanuel’s character, or it may be a cover suitable for the Dieter. What is certain is that the Army of Thieves is watching Dieter’s trip to America, Screen Rant said in an interview with Schweighöfer:

“I just wrote a pre-script for my character, so it’s all in that movie. But Dieter’s biography was like that – I can’t say, because it’s a spoiler warning. You’ll love it in advance. His way to America is awesome. It’s crazy.”

The Army of Thieves can give a new meaning to Dieter’s behavior in the Army of the Dead. From the audience’s point of view, his screams as he fights the zombies can be insanely entertaining, but it can also be the result of deep-rooted issues. In the Army of the Dead, Dieter Ward expresses a harsh attitude when he interrupts, and this may be the result of a previous experiment with Emmanuel’s image in the Army of Thieves.

Dieter may face unresolved issues related to zombies and security because Gwendoline has given up his job in the Army of Thieves or turned into a shamrock. Dieter sacrifices himself in the Army of the Dead to save Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) and may have made this decision because he could not move in advance. Whether with Dieter or Gwendoline, the Army of Thieves will add context to a security officer’s “death or rebirth” line in the Army of the Dead when talking to Vanderohe.

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