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The Magical Cap


Sara, a sweet child, lived in a Manipur village. She was the sole daughter of Shivkumar, a monk. “She adored everyone in her life. She assisted people as much as she could, regardless of her age. “One day, she met an elderly lady who appeared to be depressed. “She offered to assist her. But the old lady remarked, “You are too young to help me right now.” “How will you assist me?” “If I could understand other people’s grief, then I’ll be able to help them,” Sara reasoned at the time. A wonderful occurrence occurred on the same day.

She saw a cap salesman on her way home from school, she said. “He wore a variety of colorful caps.” ‘Among them, Sara preferred an odd cap.’ She requested the headgear from him. Could you please give me this hat? But I don’t have any money with me right now. I’m going to get the money at home. I could have given you this headgear, my youngster.


However, everyone who has purchased this cap thus far has lost. Furthermore, this red cap keeps coming back to me. As a result, you could get a different cap instead. Sara, on the other hand, was enthralled with the cap. “I only want this cap.” That’s all right. However, you do not have to pay for it. It is yours to keep as a gift from me. Uncle, it’s all right. Thank you very much! ‘ And here’s a guava for you. ‘ She put the cap on her head with glee. “After selling the cap, she could sense what the cap seller was thinking.” She posed the same question to him. Uncle, you might be thinking that I’ll lose this headgear as well. And it will eventually find its way back to you. How did you figure out what I was thinking?

Right. I was thinking exactly the same thing. This appears to be a magical hat. Perhaps it was made for you. Uncle, I appreciate it. But what am I going to do with this hat? I took it because I wanted to wear it. You are the first girl to realize that it is a magnificent cap, dear little. When the time comes, you will learn how to use this cap. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Uncle, it’s all right. Bye. Sara was overjoyed to get that headgear. ” She put it on her head and started marching back to her house.

She then noticed her elderly neighbor, who was debating whether or not she could do any more work owing to her age. However, she was hungry and didn’t know what to do. Sara was upset when she learned of the old lady’s beliefs. “‘She went home and got some supper from her mother before going to the old lady’s place.'” The old lady was overjoyed to be fed by the small child. ‘This is exactly what I was thinking, to go out and get some dinner, and… you brought it to me. Thank you, sweetheart.

‘Sara’s heart was content.’ ‘This was her second experience.’ ‘She realised that wearing the cap allowed her to read people’s minds.’ ‘However, could she keep that cap on all of the time?’ ‘While at school or doing household tasks, she had to remove the cap.’

‘She’d made up her mind,’ she said, ‘that she’d wear the headgear if anyone needed her assistance. ” She wore the headgear one evening and walked toward the village river. “She noticed a few males conversing outside her school. ‘ She was able to read their thoughts. “They were planning to rob the youngsters’ school fees at midnight.” Sara was really disturbed after learning about this. ‘ She was undecided about whom she should tell. ‘ Without wasting any time, she informed her buddies. Kunal and Arjun were quick to offer their assistance to Sara. ‘ The three of them stood silently at the school gate at dusk. “

By nightfall, they had crept into the school and taken refuge. “They set traps there,” says the narrator. As soon as the burglars reached the closet in search of cash,… they became locked and plummeted. ‘ This shows Sara was correct in her assessment. They’d told their teachers and the cops about it. The cops arrived and apprehended the crooks. Sara and her pals were thanked by the teachers. Sara’s heart was overflowing with happiness. ‘

But then she realized,’ she says, “how long would she be able to read people’s minds for? ” She’d have to track down the cap seller and return the cap. The cap vendor reappeared with his box of caps after a few days. Sara approached him and handed him the cap back. ” ‘ The cap seller inquired as to why she was returning it. ‘ It was to this that she answered… ‘With the help of this cap, I help someone every day.’ But I’m still too young. I’d be happier if an adult could utilize this cap to aid the less fortunate. ‘ The seller of the cap answered, “Dear youngster, as I previously stated, this headgear never waits for anyone.” It all comes back to me in the end.

This cap had only stayed on one girl for this long. And only you know of this cap’s unique feature. After reading their minds, you helped the poor. It’s obvious that this cap was made for you. Always have this headgear with you and lend a helping hand to those in need. And then the cap vendor walked away. ‘ Sara kept that headgear safe with her for the rest of her life.



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