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Pencil of Magic


Kushal was a small child who lived in a village. He was a big fan of drawing. He drew on wet clay and sand using pointy stones and little sticks. He couldn’t afford to buy paper or a pencil because he didn’t have any. He had always wanted a pencil with which he could… create beautiful drawings. He sketched the images with zeal every time.

When he was drawing one day, he came upon an elderly gentleman. He handed Kushal a pencil and told him, “You should only use this to make pictures for the underprivileged.” Use this pencil to contact me if you ever require assistance. The old man then vanished after stating this. Kushal was overjoyed. With the pencil, he drew a mango. Wow! This is fantastic. The mango grew into a full-fledged mango. Following that, he drew a dog. It also took on the form of a genuine dog. What exactly is this?


This is an enchanted pencil. Thank you very much, elderly uncle. I’ll never forget what you said. With his pencil, Kushal drew food. It also took the form of genuine food. For his parents, he drew cereals, fruits, and clothing. They were all turned into genuine objects. Kushal drew illustrations of the items that the poor people required… and handed them over.

Kushal was well-liked by the villagers because he assisted the needy. He was brought to the king’s attention. He summoned Kushal and instructed him to “create a gold tree for the royal garden.” Please hand over your pencil to me. Your Majesty, you are extremely wealthy. I exclusively create artwork for the impoverished. The king became enraged. He demanded that the pencil be taken away from him. He began to design a gold tree. The gold tree, however, did not appear. He instructed the chief minister to create a drawing.

Even his drawing, however, did not come to life. The king was incensed. Kushal, pay attention to what I’m saying. I’ll put you in prison if you don’t draw the picture I want you to draw. Kushal believed that if he disobeyed the monarch, he would be imprisoned, and he would be unable to serve the needy. He was a brilliant individual. He took up the pencil and sketched a portrait of the elderly gentleman.

He was confronted by an elderly gentleman. He attempted to persuade the king. Salutations, Your Majesty. You have plenty of money and assets. Kushal, on the other hand, is attempting to bring happiness to the underprivileged. You took the pencil from him, but it didn’t grant you your desire. No one else is capable of bringing the images to life. I gave Kushal the pencil after watching his attention to his work and his honesty. The monarch knew he had made a blunder.

He begged Kushal and the old man to pardon him. The elderly gentleman vanished. Kushal was rewarded by the monarch. The conclusion of the story is that we must do our task honestly and diligently. It is immoral to deceive people in order to achieve our selfish goals.



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