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Simone Biles Olympic Career May Be Over

Simone Biles Olympic Career May Be Over, but experts say the effects will be greater than gymnastics Simone Biles left the Tokyo Olympics without bowing and strengthened his famous gymnastics career.

The superstar left the competition to focus on his mental health.

Even if he leaves the door open to return in 2024, if Tokyo is his curtain bell, the questions are what is his legacy and what does the sport’s most famous gymnast do for a second move?

Experts say the Boilers, who have an Olympic record for the number of medals won by an American gymnast, are fighting for mental health and fitness and overcoming the last remnants of the darkest era, the Larry Nasser scandal. Will leave behind

Former American gymnast Dr. Nasir is accused of sexually abusing more than 120 girls. He convicted 10 minors of rape in a Michigan court in 2018 and faced 175 years in prison.

Biles, who said he survived Nasser’s aggression, described how he had been affected in the past and said his Olympic performance was “probably” affected. Now is your chance to speak out against sexual harassment and promote another social banner that you want to raise.

“I would say that Simon’s legacy goes far beyond the number of medals and it’s starting to make it easier to change the culture in our sport,” said Bob Net, communications director of the National Gymnastics Association.

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He said the Biles who have won 32 Olympic and world medals, would be in favor of more security and better treatment for athletes and coaches.

He predicted that he would speak cleaner, more openly and on a larger stage. After the initial fight in Tokyo, the Biles withdrew from all fours, individual fours, vault, floor sports and unequal bar competitions. He blamed the mental and emotional effects of participating in sports for the setback.

His decision drew strong criticism from many who said he was leaving the team, and mental health activists praised him for knowing when to join the most decorated gymnasts in history. Will spend time. Simone Biles a black woman who excels in white sports, said she felt overwhelmed when she entered international competition.

“Your shoulders are like the weight of the world,” he said. “It’s hard to bear,” but it does help to take a step back and focus on your mental health. At the time, Olympian said that although he had been doing the same thing for years without problems, he was “dealing” with a tendency for gymnasts to lose their place and the air of measurement.

Darren Moore, founder of the Atlanta-based Brown Girls’ Do Gymnastics Advocacy Group, said Biles legacy will always depend on his decision in Tokyo.

“I felt her legacy had to be done with skill and skill and the brown girls had to be shown what they could be,” Moore said. “But the fact that he’s so obsessed with the Olympics, I think his legacy will be around mental health. No matter how hard and talented he is, he still knew he would have to take a break. I think it’s too big for him. “

Biles said he was not afraid to push the envelope or be the greatest gymnast to open the door for more black girls to follow in his footsteps. Biles influence on the sport is likely to grow through the World Champions Center, a training center in the Houston area set up by his parents, which will form the next wave of world-class gymnasts.

Ashley Amberger, a 2001 member of the US National Gymnastics Team, said: “Simon was one of the first people to open a gym and train children to their liking. Biles said he could rely on his experience to train future Olympic gymnasts.

“Because you’re an athlete, you understand training and mentality,” said Amberger, owner of North Stars Gymnastics in New Jersey. “He will feel going to the Olympics, he will feel what it is like to be an Olympic champion and what it is like to make mistakes and come back.”

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The World Champions Center has already achieved great success. Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles, who left the sport before training in 2018, became a last-minute replacement for the Bulls this year, helping the American team win a silver medal.

“The fact that Jim Blake owns it is a beacon for black elite gymnasts,” he said. ” It’s going to turn into a project. It’s no coincidence.”

Although he is a great player like the Biles, some believe his focus may be a bit weak in the years to come.

“There’s a new person in the future and maybe new achievements,” said Tory Ford, a female gymnastics coach at Discover Gymnastics in Houston. “It will not be forgotten along the way.”

This is not the first time a famous Olympic gymnast has faded. “I don’t think it’s possible to forget Simone Biles ” Amberger said. Saaf reiterated that the influence of the Biles would ultimately surpass his success and lead the next generation of players.

“Their role is not just to coach in the gym, but to lead cultural change to protect the health of athletes and coaches. Their biggest role in the Olympics is to help change culture. It’s their legacy. Yes. He understands it better than anyone.”

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