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Shang Chi’s Explain: Marvel’s Phase Four

Shang Chi’s post-credit scenes explain: What they mean for Marvel’s Phase Four.

Marvel Cinema’s much-anticipated Phase Four second film, “Sheng Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings,” offers a glimpse into things that come through not one but two interesting postcredits in the Infinity Saga MCU. Views

The film concludes with Wong (Benedict Wong) stopping Sheng Chi (Samu Liu) and Katie (Okuafina) for dinner, inviting them (probably) to Blacker Street Sacred, which he shares with Dr. Strange. An intermediate credit scene offers a glimpse of the newly cooled heroes who, along with veteran Avengers Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Captain Marvel (Barry Larson), speculate on the originality of the Tytler rings.

In addition to setting up some advanced Avengers that are still active after the losses of “Avengers: Endgame”, the scene also shows that the circles (bracelets, really) are emitting a mysterious beacon that Large arcs can be key. Four (The scene also hints that Katie may have a growing presence in upcoming “Shang Chi” episodes, considering she’s the first superhero side kick to be seated at an adult table).

In comedy, the mandarin ring is very different from the colors shown in the film. For one thing, they were worn on Tony Leung’s fingers instead of the thick metal bangles that adorned his arms. “In the comics, the rings were actually finger rings and really have different powers, a kind of cookie and they came from a spaceship,” co-author Dave Calham told Los Angeles Times reporter Jane Yamato. “I can’t tell you what they’re of because it’s another day’s story. They are mystical and magical and do a lot of amazing things.”

In the comics, the circles are of the McLawan origin, a cosmic species that changes the shape of space dragons (Villain Fan Feng Foom is probably the well-known McLawan character and may be featured in an upcoming film. There was an Easter egg with the character in 2008.) In “Iron Man”)

They are also known as the “ten circle ring”, which presumably establishes Thor and Loki involvement. The circles were mentioned in both “Thor: The Dark World” and the Disney + “Pumpkin” series. Since the upcoming “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” both appear to continue the Malay word thread described in “Spider-Man: Home for From” (and “Loki”). Yes, it is safe to say that this next phase of MCU will take up more space than cap types.

After the credits, there is an additional teaser scene showing Shang Chi’s sister Xialing in the midst of some extensive renovations to her late father’s compound. After losing his underground fight club in his father’s battle against the forces, it is only right for Zailing to take command of an army of ten colors and allow women to join the army as well. What she will do with this army is an open question.

Equally noteworthy is the tag that confirms that “ten colors will return” instead of Sheng Chi. Although the sequel has not been confirmed yet, it is a guarantee that the character will return in an upcoming Marvel movie. Whether or not this is yet another solo outing remains to be seen.

“We know we have success when do test screenings and people come out and ask, ‘will we see Shang Chi again?’ Or ‘When will we see several other characters in this film?’ “The answer is: soon.”

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