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Sarwat Gilani Praises Tanzila Khan


Sarwat Gilani praises Tanzila Khan, the recipient of the Prince’s Trust Award. The actor posted on Instagram that Khan taught her that nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

We love seeing women support other women, and we were delighted to see actor Sarwat Gilani congratulating Prince’s Trust Award winner and campaigner Tanzila Khan.


Pakistani activist and businesswoman Khan was honored with the Prince’s Trust International Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award at the 2022 Prince’s Trust Awards a week ago for her efforts on boosting women’s access to menstruation, pregnancy, and reproductive health products. At the same time, Gilani and Saim Sadiq’s Joyland, a Pakistani film showcasing a bold portrait of a transgender dancer in the country, earned Pakistan’s first-ever Cannes Jury Prize.

Recognizing Khan’s accomplishment, Gilani took to Instagram and termed her Cannes trip, as well as Khan’s, “amazing.” “Tanzila Khan, you have made me cry today by demonstrating to the world that nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dreams. Pakistan Zindabad, we love our people “She tweeted this while posting a picture of Khan and Amal Clooney.



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