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Rebekah Vardy has lost her civil case against Coleen Rooney

Rebekah Vardy – As the judge finally issues a decision, Rebekah Vardy loses the Coleen Rooney “WAGatha Christie” libel case. The conflicting pair’s protracted saga has finally come to an end.

Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney have lost their well-publicized libel case

Since Coleen’s now-famous tweet in October 2019 alleging that Rebekah’s Instagram account was the source of multiple “fake stories” about her being leaked to The Sun, the two footballers’ wives have been engaged in a very public feud.

Rebekah, who has consistently maintained her innocence in the issue, then filed a libel lawsuit against Coleen in what became known as the “WAGatha Christie” case.


The trial started in May and lasted for one week. On Friday afternoon, judge Mrs. Justice Steyn announced her decision. She determined that it was “probable” that Caroline Watt, Rebekah’s representative at the time, “undertook the direct act” of providing The Sun with the material.

She continued, “But the evidence… clearly shows, in my opinion, that Mrs. Vardy knew of and condoned this behavior, actively engaging in it by directing Ms. Watt to the private Instagram account, sending her screenshots of Mrs. Rooney’s posts, drawing attention to things that might be of interest to the press, and responding to additional questions raised by the press via Ms. Watt.”

“In my judgment, the conclusions that I have reached as to the extent to which the claimant engaged in disclosing to The Sun information to which she only had access as a permitted follower of an Instagram account which she knew, and Mrs Rooney repeatedly asserted was private, suffice to show the single meaning is substantially true,” she said in her conclusion.

Rebekah Vardy’s testimony at the trial was “manifestly contradictory” with other testimony on “several instances,” according to Mrs. Justice Steyn’s findings. Regardless of how improbable her evidence was, Mrs. Vardy was typically hesitant to make factual compromises, she claimed.


This inevitably changes how I feel about her general credibility, even if I’ve kept in mind that false testimony might be used to hide guilt or prove innocence.

Additionally, the judge discussed the “vile abuse” Rebekah had experienced from members of the public in the wake of Coleen’s initial post, stating that “neither the accusations against Mrs. Vardy nor any of the conclusions in this judgment provide any justification or excuse for subjecting her or her family, or any other person involved in this case, to such vitriol.”

Coleen’s attorney David Sherborne said throughout the seven-day trial that Rebekah had a “habitual and established practice” of providing The Sun newspaper with information about people she knew via her friend and former agent Caroline Watt.

Her lawyer noted that Coleen’s viral “reveal” article was what she had thought at the time. And now that we have reached the conclusion of the case, she believes it even more.

Hugh Tomlinson QC, Rebekah’s attorney, argued that Coleen had “failed to offer any proof” that his client had “routinely and repeatedly exploited her role as a trusted follower” of her private Instagram account by providing The Sun with material from it.

“Mrs. Vardy’s case is, and always has been, that she neither leaked the information nor gave anyone else permission to leak,” he continued. She still has no idea what happened, he said. She is unaware of the source of this information.

Rebekah had allegedly experienced “extremely substantial harm to her reputation” as a result of Coleen’s initial post, according to the lawyer.



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