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Rapper Fetty Wap Was Arrested By The FBI On Drug Charges

Fetty Wap: Rapper Fetty Wap arrested, pleading not guilty to federal drug charges.

Fetty Wap pleaded not guilty to federal drug charges after his arrest on Thursday before taking the stage for the New York edition of the Rolling Loud Festival.

The “Trap Queen” rapper, real name William Jr. Maxwell II, was arrested by FBI agents on charges of alleged involvement in a drug-trafficking operation that took place in Long Island, New York and New Jersey. He had brought more than a kilogram of drugs. US Department of Justice.

The 30-year-old was charged with conspiracy to commit, and possession of, controlled substances.

The Associated Press Rapper Fetty Wap has been charged with participating in a conspiracy to smuggle more than 220 pounds of heroin, fentanyl and other drugs into the New York City region.

“We are not applying for bail today,” Macedon told US Magistrate Judge Steven Lock, adding that she could do so in the future.

He is accused of crimes committed between June 2019 and June 2020. Fatty was the last person to be arrested and produced.

If convicted, Fetty Wap could face up to 10 years in prison and a maximum of life in prison. The indictment states that the six suspects are accused of distributing cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and crack cocaine. In addition to conspiracy charges, five other defendants are charged with using firearms in connection with alleged drug trafficking.

Forbes@Twitter Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested by the FBI on federal drug charges

Allegedly, the defendants transported, distributed and sold more than 100 kilograms of deadly and narcotics, including heroin and fentanyl, on Long Island, deliberately contributing to the opium epidemic that Destroyed communities and took many lives, US Attorney Brian Pace said. Said in a statement.

According to TMZ, Fatty Vap was detained in Queens’ City Field – where he was to perform at Rolling Loud – before he performed on stage, according to TMZ.

His lawyer Navarro Gray told the site he “prays it’s all a big misunderstanding” and hopes “things will be cleared up quickly.” Gray did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Times. The rapper was represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Macedonio.

The indictment officer is Anthony Santje. The other defendants are brothers Anthony Leonardi and Robert Leonardi, Brian Sullivan and Cowan “KV” Wiggins.

The New York Times The rapper Fetty Wap was arrested by FBI agents at Citi Field on Thursday, the first night of the Rolling Loud music festival. He was charged with the distribution of drugs including heroin and fentanyl

A search warrant issued during the interrogation resulted in approximately 1.5 million in cash, 16 kilograms of cocaine, 2 kilograms of heroin, several fentanyl bullets, two 9mm handguns, a rifle, a .45 caliber pistol, a. . Caliber pistols and ammunition, the DOJ said.

The defendants ran a multi-million dollar drug Coastal Drug Distribution Organization with Suffolk County as their home base, “said Timothy DeSini, New York District Attorney.

They were drug wholesalers who pumped huge amounts of drugs into our communities. As our investigation shows, they often used cutting agents to process only one of these kilograms of the drug into lower-level dealers before processing it into a maximum of four. The intensity of the operation was very high.

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