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The Rain Girl Season Syrian City Top Story Line

Rain Season Girl Storyline

An incident that took place in the Syrian city of Damascus. A beautiful girl who went to university alone every day. His father was in charge of a department at the university. One day, on my way back from university, it started to rain very hard. Everyone was dying in another place to avoid the rain.

The girl also ran out of the university to seek refuge. Her body was shivering from the cold but she did not know where she had found refuge. When it rained hard, she knocked on a door, the boy in the house came out and brought her inside. He allowed her to stay in his house till the rain stopped.


When the two became acquainted with each other, it was found out that the boy was also studying in the same university. Where he is studying himself. And he lives alone in this city, a room with a porch and bathroom was his whole house۔

So he will take out the heater. The girl sat on the bed and trembled for a while. Suddenly she fell asleep and fell on the bed. When the young man entered the room to get the heater, he found the girl sleeping on the bed the leader of the maidens of heaven.

As soon as he took the heater, he left the room, but the devil was looking for an opportunity to mislead him. He began to whisper to her that the image of the girl was beautiful in his mind. After a while, the girl’s eyes were opened. When he found himself lying on the bed, he got up in a hurry and went out in a state of panic. Started running.

He found the young man unconscious on the porch. She started running towards the house in a state of extreme panic and did not even look back until she reached her house and put her head on her father’s lap. He had been searching for her all night in every corner of the city, and she had told him all that had happened.


I don’t know what happened to me during the time I was blindsided, I don’t know anything, his father got up in a very angry world and reached the university. And when I asked about the students who were absent that day, I found out that a boy has gone out of town. And one is sick, hospitalized, the father went to the hospital to find the young man and avenge his daughter.

Take her to the hospital after finding her. When he found her with his fingers tied with bandages, he asked the doctor about the patient. The doctor told him that when he was brought to us, both his hands were burnt.

The father said to the young man,

“By God, tell me what happened to you.”

The father did not introduce himself, he said a girl came to me last night to take shelter from the rain, I gave her shelter in my room. But the devil started luring me about it, so I entered his room under the pretext of taking a heater. That sleeping girl made me feel like a maiden of heaven.

And wrong thoughts kept coming to my mind whenever Satan incited me to evil. I would burn my finger in the fire to remember the fire of hell and its torment and to restrain my soul from evil until all my fingers were burnt. And I fainted, I don’t know how I got to the hospital.

The father was very surprised to hear this he shouted,

“O people, be a witness. I have married my daughter to this pure-hearted boy.” Subhan Allah.

Often we try to instill our fear in the hearts of our children instead of the fear of God. And instead of restraining them from evil deeds, we rebuke them. Which is very wrong.

We should bring our children in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah so that instead of making a mistake tomorrow, they will have the fear of Allah in their hearts. Because children become good only when they are well trained.



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