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PTI NAB to Approach Supreme Court on Amendment Law: Imran Khan


Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has vowed to challenge the recently passed National Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2022 in the Supreme Court, saying it would promote corruption and money laundering in the country. ۔

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said,

“I will challenge the amendments in the NAB law in the Supreme Court this week. This new law is an insult to the nation and the country.”


Last month, the National Assembly and Senate passed the Elections (Amendment) Bill 2022 and the National Accountability (Second Amendment) Bill 2021, to bring about the necessary reforms promised by the coalition parties.

He said that history will never forget all the internal and external elements that “installed” the incoming government, adding that he would soon call for another protest against the present government.

President Arif Alawi on Monday refused to approve amendments to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) rules, calling the new legislation “regressive” in nature, a day after he passed the Electoral Reform Bill. Returned without

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the President said he was confident that the NAB Bill, in its latest form, would “promote corruption” and ensure that the “long arm of the law” is disabled.

The President said that it was also a message to the corrupt who have amassed immense wealth about which there is no doubt in the minds of Pakistani people that they are not responsible and are free to continue looting. Reasons for refusing to sign the bill.



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