New Sanctions Against Russia Due to Pressure on Protests.

EU foreign ministers meet to discuss New sanctions will be imposed on Russia in connection with the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navoni. The EU is pushing the Kremlin to punish. watching what some say is catastrophic. a trip to Moscow earlier this month by the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Joseph. The EU’s top diplomat has been forced to face the Kremlin’s views on the bloc. At this stage, the European Union is an unreliable partner. Russia expelled three EU diplomats Burrell admitted that he only learned from social media while he was there. After heavy criticism for Lavrov’s passive performance in the face of the EU’s rupture. Burrell now says he trusts Russian officials. we are not interested in bringing the answer closer. It became clear that no, they did not promise concrete proposals for tough measures. The next step will be taken by member states.

But yes it can cover sanctions. The EU has a wide range of sanctions against Russian individuals and organizations in connection with Moscow’s illegal 2014. Annexation of Crimea for supporting separatist activities in eastern Ukraine and involvement in the poisoning of the alex navy in August. but the subsequent arrest of the navy. Police brutality against pro-naval protesters after returning to Russia. Are EU governments now demanding tougher measures? Lithuania, they should be personal sanctions, sanctions applied to organizations involved in repression, he said. signed about 170 letters against the opposition. politicians are calling on academics and activists this week.


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EU leaders will enjoy new human rights. Former EU diplomat David Stulik says the sanctions mechanism, known as the European Magnitsky, is aimed at targeting the North Stream two-pipeline project and entering the Russian president’s rich inner circle as a last resort. Russia would be a game changer if it understood that the European Union also has these red lines and cannot be removed from them. it would be a kind of surprise for the Russians, because they will finally see their bluff policies. It no longer works, and it is unclear how close the Kremlin’s sanctions will be. EU officials say it is difficult to prove the oligarchs personally this time around. financing financial human rights violations Russia threatens to cut ties with the EU if new sanctions move forward with a laurel warning. Russia is wants but is ready for war. Long before the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas backed new Russian sanctions. Here in Brussels today, we will discuss the decision to impose new sanctions on Russia, especially in connection with the trial of Alexei Navalny and his imprisonment in a colony. I am in favor of ordering additional sanctions listing specific individuals. Let’s bring Alexanderandra Fundament hello Alexander, head of the Brussels bureau. what measures we will take here and against whom.

The European Union is likely to impose travel bans and asset freezes on those believed to be directly involved in the conviction and arrest of Alexei Navalny, as well as the EU. use the new sanction mode that allows the block to go. After human rights abusers, that’s why we’re talking about people in prosecutors, it’s important for the European Union to be sure of judges. Sanctions were imposed on these individuals because they had clear evidence that they were directly responsible for Alexei Navalny’s detention. cannot be overturned in court, but these sanctions require unanimous support. probably yes. all member states seem to have all the ministers, even Russia-friendly countries. Hungary, for example, supports additional sanctions, as we have heard. Despite the fact that the German Foreign Minister said that Germany still wants you. We know how to try to work with Russia on international issues, so relations with Russia are definitely a balancing act. Let’s listen to the German Foreign Minister and look for ways to establish a dialogue with Moscow. One question that will have to occupy us is how to continue a constructive dialogue with Russia, even though relations between the European Union and Russia are inevitable. at the lowest level at the moment. We have heard that Alexander is holding a dialogue there, but Russia is threatening to cut ties with the EU, which is a threat that Brussels must take seriously.


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Well, I think Brussels took it. seriously, but Brussels also knows that Russia may not really be seriously interested in severing ties with the European Union, and that Russia has a foreign minister, Lavrov. He said the sanctions would not prevent Russia from deepening its investment partnership with the European Union. EU member states account for more than 40 percent of Russia’s trade. participation in the elections and, of course, Russia’s decision to sever ties. You can have good relations with EU institutions, but if not, with EU member states. for example, relations with the European Commission and the European Union. so we will have to wait and see how Russia really reacts to these expected new sanctions. Alexander Fundament, Director General of our Brussels Bureau, gives the latest report.

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