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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Complete in Urdu English

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Watch The Episodes of Kurulus Osman Season 1 for Free with English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman’s Introduction

The theme of the season is the whole life of Sultan Usman Ghazi, son of Ertugrul Ghazi. It tells us how he established the Ottoman Empire and what difficulties he faced. Kurulus Osman Season 1 is officially airing on the ATV channel in Turkey with Burak Ozcivit playing the lead role. Burak Ozcivit is presenting Usman Ghazi in the best way.

Ozge Tour is photographing Bala Hatoon, the wife of Sultan Usman Ghazi. Some of the other famous actors are Ragip Savas (Dandar Bay), Noriten Sonmeez (Bamsi Bay), Saruhan Hanil (Aliser Bay), Erin Verdam (Connor Alp), Sida Yildiz (Sheikh Adibali), Silal Al (Abdul Rahman Ghazi) and others.

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Since the series is in Turkish, some websites are translating subtitles into their common languages ​​such as English, Urdu and Hindi. We appreciate their efforts, but as you all know, we are one of them. We provide the first full episode with the first English subtitles just 4 hours after the official release of each episode of Carolus Usman.

For Pakistani viewers, every episode of Kurulus Usman with Urdu subtitles is uploaded on Friday morning.

Seeing that Sofia and all the soldiers had betrayed him, Tekfor’s commander Kalanus placed his sword on Yance’s neck. Sofia confessed her allegiance to Effendi Yance. Jans is explaining his suggestions to Callanos as he reviews them. Usman is now asking Sheikh Adibali about the treasures and relics. Adebale tells him that he is determined to destroy the castle’s dark forces and that he owns the treasure.

He states the purpose of Byzantium before ‘Uthman. Usman agrees with Adele’s suggestions. Yance is now persuading Callanos to join his secret organization and is also telling him about the great danger to him, Sheikh Adele. After reviewing, Callanos agrees. Rabia Bala Hatoon’s horse is sick and Usman asked permission to fix it. Now in the meeting Bamsi Bay suggests to fight now but Dandar Bay is not his opinion. Gundoz advised Usman to wait.

Bala Hatoon and Usman meet in the bazaar where he tells her that his horse is healthy now. She shows him a tile. Usman catches a thief and cuts off his hand. Yance comes to the market as a dervishes and asks Bala Hatoon to buy a tile but she gives it as a gift. Yance has already ordered his soldiers to kill Uthman but capture Bala Hatoon alive.

Now Theocles has been hanged by Samsa Alp and Sofia has been notified. Sofia gets very angry and shouts at Dunder Bay and he responds accordingly. Usman and Alisar talk about the situation. Samsa Alp informs Usman about the current situation. Catalan troops have now entered the market. He deceived Bala Hatoon by saying that the horse was sick again. They capture Bala Haton and then attack the bazaar.

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Calanus first catches the pastor. Effendi is poisoning Bala Hutton so that he can answer his every question. Bamsi Bay Crowles enters Usman’s tent and talks to Bala Hatoon about his love. Callahanus is torturing Dorson to find out. But Darshan is in trouble without telling them the truth. Sofia advised Darson to send Yance because Bala Hutton was also there and he had to speak after being tortured.

Kurulus Usman and Bamsi arrived at Bemsa Field while they were training the children. Aliser Bay was busy scolding his soldiers when Dandar Bay and Gundoz Bay came to the bazaar. They all believe that Commander Kalanos attacked the bazaar. Meanwhile, Gonka Hatton comes out and tells them that Bala Hatton has been kidnapped.

Alisar left for Bay Mahal while Dandar and Gundoz are being informed about Usman’s escape. Sofia goes to the forest and sees Bala Hatoon and finds out about the pastor as a spy. Bala Hutton grabs Sofia and tries to escape again, but is injured by Helen. Sofia goes back to the castle to catch the pastor, where Elyser Bay arrives. Sofia and Commander Kalanos denied responsibility for the raid and blamed Carlos Usman. They all decided to go to the moss field to solve it.

Kurulus Usman Sheik Adibali dreams of following our beloved Prophet Muhammad in establishing a state for his people. After waking up, Kurulus prays to Usman for help. Effendi is constantly poisoning and questioning Bala Hatun, but nothing is known yet. When Sheik Adibali came to know about the abduction of Bala Hatun, he showed patience and said that he was ready to sacrifice all his children for the state.

The Kurulus set out to rescue Usman and Bamsi after locating Bala Hutton. Sofia and Aliser arrive at Bekai’s field and ask Kurulus about Usman. The pastor has been sworn in, but he is still resisting answering questions. Upon arrival, Carol intends to hide in Usman Cave. Angered, Effendi Yance began to hug Bala Hutton, which Darsan could not bear, and revealed his identity, after which Yance attacked him.

Upon learning of the attack, Yance took a note and fled the cave, leaving Kurulus for Usman. Arriving there, Uthman thanked Allah that they were both still alive. After searching for the note, Kurulus Usman learns that the antidepressants have taken over Bala Hutton’s treatment and will return it after finding the treasure and sacred relics. Kurulus searches around Usman and learns about the affidavit from the ceramic plate.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Download Links with Urdu Subtitles in HD Quality Download now and enjoy watching.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Complete in Urdu

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