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Keanu Reeves, embarrassed by his money, wants to share it with others

Keanu Reeves is “ashamed” of his money and wants to share it with others.

Kiano Reeves, one of the richest actors in the world, is also the most generous.

The star, who is known for giving expensive gifts to his film crew, believes in giving back to society.

Sources close to John Wick told Page Six that he was “somewhat ashamed of his wealth”.

The family friend said, “Kiano has given a lot of money and done a lot for the people as more people will know.” He knows how lucky he is. Unlike many Hollywood megastars, they never value any of them. “

Apparently Keanu Reeves Donated 70% Of His Salary From “The Matrix” To Cancer Research.

Another Hollywood source said that he is one of his favorite actors to work with.

Trust me, all the stuntmen are dying to work with Kiano. Not just for gifts. This is because he takes them very seriously and credits them for helping him succeed. Stuntmen, fight trainers, these people rarely get. “

One casting director added, “The reason Kiano has acted in 60 films is that, above all the audience, the director loves her, the co-stars love her, the staff loves her.” He is always ready, and he is always on time. The one who meditates, the one who communicates, the one who cares; there is no one whose name he does not know or has not communicated with.

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