How to Stop COVID Infection in Schools and Kindergartens

Game dates accused of being super broadcasters were rejected and most importantly locked. The pandemic has hit children hard in the developmental stages of their lives but a new German case shows they are not the key. The perpetrators of the transmission of coronavirus pediatricians are calling for the reopening of schools and kindergartens.

Warning of the lost generation and great psychological costs to society. As soon as we talk to the expert behind it we will reach the findings of the work I mentioned a moment ago. Calls from children’s organizations in Germany which the government wants to do more to support children through this crisis now feel like a real blow to their friends. Growing up during a pandemic means nine-year-old luna is often abducted as a dream for children.


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The hardest thing is to spend days weeks and months. Of course without much contact with other people and without losing them. I had my own character in music it changed my character a little bit I was lonely without anyone’s work and I missed being there for five minutes. Before the pandemic about 30 children came here every day after the school club in Berlin. Now they are able to operate a few hours a week some rely on the club for hot meals to make sure they do not go hungry bianca zomerfed prepares 10-20 meals a day to collect children. but most of the things children need can’t be packed to take home. is the encouragement we give every day that we lose in terms of education. this is what is really difficult at the moment.

We cannot carry out our daily work in an inspiring way that shows children new perspectives. the conversations we have here open up a new world for these children that is not new at the moment and is really sad. The crisis has hit children from poor families particularly hard. 1 in 5 children in Germany grows in poverty or is at risk. if household income is less than 60 percent of the national average. they often lack the equipment needed for online learning because they often have less space at home and restrictions have made it difficult to reach support. This is a very difficult year for children growing up in poverty. a year lost when it comes to education and social development and they simply won’t be able to catch up. therefore it is important that we support them. Families now and expecting all children to be resilient and adaptable will have long-term consequences. Johannes Lisa is a pediatric infectious disease specialist who joins us from the University of Wurzburg Hospital in Germany. what is your attitude to the closure of kindergartens this is something you are really researching. We think that the kindergarten should be opened as soon as possible. Children are not the fire of the epidemic. not the main vectors of the new coronavirus in other age groups. only if they are infected with the virus. uncomplicated upper airway infection. even if it is that day we can already exclude. Care centers and schools are a source of infection.

Yes i think we can do research here in wurzburg. in nine childcare facilities. We constantly examined asymptomatic children going to that kindergarten. organizations in the last fall and winter. we did a few thousand exchanges and a saliva test at the same time we couldn’t really handle a big problem. saskaronov infections in these institutions. so we can definitely exclude children who visit them. Although asymptomatic children continue to spread the virus organizations that are a major source of infection are unlikely. even for a few weeks. longer asymptomatic children yes but should have the virus. We investigated those children what we did then. asymptomatic and could not find the virus. so or only you know a few things. A few thousand tests so I think it’s not symptomatic. children help spread the wires to the population. so tell me what we know about the disease process in children and parents. what we know about children. if they are infected with a new coronavirus. they are usually infected with a mild upper infection. There is a very small proportion of children without any complications.

Like 10-year-olds who may have a so-called complicated inflammatory complication. Multi-inflammatory systemic syndrome. however this is an exception but is relatively specific to the new coronavirus. Yes I will jump because they told me what to do. your advice to parents. then who should work those who want to take their children to a kindergarten or those who want to leave their children on a play date that has been abandoned by them. because parents have to explain to their children. general rules that are still effective among the population to their children. keep your distance and avoid close contact with your hands regularly according to the rules. we can’t see because we have to see the family.

As a whole uh group we can’t make exceptions because you know uh is smaller not uh. children in the family are older children. If it is too good to keep it will be too complicated. a clear one or an open recommendation for all. but if you want to keep it simple it’s actually a whole. a generation of children growing up here. about the psychological effects on these children in a very different environment. psychological effects should not be underestimated. if the children do not have regular age-related relationships. peers in institutions such as child care facilities kindergarten and primary school. of course they miss an important work. this is also important for neurological development and that is what we pediatricians fear and for that reason we certainly hope. The childcare facility may be open soon and as I said before I don’t see a problem with that. because there is no significant infectious disease activity by the new coronavirus in coal plants. Thank you very much for talking to us so far Johannes Lisa University Hospital Wurzburg Department of Pediatrics. Thank you for the last time this week. Our science correspondent Derek Williams questions were posted on our youtube channel. If you have covid19 you still need to be vaccinated.

Yes health authorities certainly recommend that you do so with the thought that you have completed isolation period is asymptomatic. but this blanket recommendation is also evolving and becoming more specific. as more and more people are vaccinated. for example a number of works. showed naturally acquired immunity. anyone with the disease. it really takes at least a few months to be effective. But it is still comforting to have an assumption. supported by evidence at the time. Reinfection seems very rare. if you’ve watched 19 recently. According to experts waiting for a while for vaccination is almost harmless and it will increase. access to vaccines for people who have not had the disease. at this critical stage of this pandemic with vaccine production. still low and other factors may also affect future recommendations for example recently.


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Research looking at this topic still awaiting review by the authors. found that antibody reactions were often more potent in people who were already 19 years of age after a single dose with a vaccine. more than the occurrence of two doses in humans. Never had the disease and a strong immune response to a shot. accompanied by more severe side effects such as. both fatigue and fever and headache. In people who have not seen the disease it usually comes after the second shot. So a debate ensued as to whether this was the case. For those who crave 19 the dose may make sense. only once can it produce more vaccines for people who do not have the disease. but at this point still with data. Many limited experts say that it is actually better to be careful and stick to the two-dose regimen used in the trials. for everyone until they know you better.

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