How to Avoid Paying Extremely High Taxes

How to avoid paying extremely high taxes / duties for imported products

While the majority of foreign travelers who bring luxury goods try to evade taxes illegally, some of those who obey the law face a wide range of issues.

From excessive taxes and duties imposed by the government to officials who demand bribes to clean up illegal items, there are a number of challenges that some travelers will face when they return home.

In this situation, a citizen bought a Wi-Fi device from the UAE for AED 59 (Rup. 2600) before returning to Pakistan.
The citizen applied to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to register the device and asked to pay Rs. 36,000 taxes.

Shockingly, it was alleged that the citizen was approached by customs officials who demanded half of the tax amount as a bribe to clean the device without paying the legal amount of tax.

For this reason, it is hoped that the government will reconsider its tax policy so that officials do not exploit ordinary citizens.

Citizens are asked to use the PTA’s DIRBS platform to register their imported devices and prevent manipulation by corrupt officials.

In accordance with Section 9.6 of the Telecom Policy 2015, the PTA has developed DIRBS for:

Remove fake, non-standard and duplicate (IMEI) devices from networks;
Support the FBR in preventing smuggled mobile devices;
Solve security problems due to the use of non-standard and recurring IMEI phone.

The Device Recognition, Recording and Blocking System, known as DIRBS, is a framework launched by the PTA in May 2018 to prevent the smuggling of illegal devices in the country and to ensure that all devices used are legally registered and certified. authority.

Citizens can register in DIRBS via SMS, Android application and DIRBS online portal.

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