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Business Community Of Sialkot Raised $100,000 For The Priyantha Family

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Sri Lankan Priyantha Family: PM, “From now on, the government will not allow the misuse of religion.”

The business community of Sialkot has raised $100,000 for the Priyantha family.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that “from now on,” the government will not allow the Prophet Mohammad’s name or religion to be misused (PBUH).

Sri Lankan Priyantha Family: The Prime Minister’s Office organised a ceremony on Tuesday to show support for the family of Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara, who was lynched in Sialkot, and to honour Malik Adnan’s bravery in attempting to protect Priyantha by putting his own life on the line.

Prime Minister Imran Khan presented Malik Adnan with a letter of appreciation and announced that Adnan would receive the Tamgha-e-Shujaat award at the awards event on March 23.

Prime Minister Imran Khan awarded a letter of appreciation to Malik Adnan
Prime Minister Imran Khan awarded a letter of appreciation to Malik Adnan

Pakistan is proud of Malik Adnan, he remarked, and moral courage is far more important than physical power. According to the Prime Minister, “one decent man is an army.”

He claims Adnan, who he describes as a man who “stood before animals,” will inspire the youth.

“From now on, if someone exploits religion to do injustice, especially in the name of Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we will not spare them,” the PM stated.

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“Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Rehmatul-lil-Alameen for all humanity, not just Muslims.”

The Prime Minister claimed that there is a misconception that Islam spreads by sword, despite the fact that just 1,400 people died during Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) ten-year conquests.

“He (PBUH) preached humanity and justice, two characteristics that set people apart from animals.

“Justice exists in human civilization, and the law of survival of the fittest governs animal worlds.

“Weaker people are uplifted in human civilizations.”

The accused of blasphemy was not represented in court.

People are being prosecuted, according to the prime minister, for simple accusations of blasphemy. “What kind of justice is it when you accuse [a person of blasphemy], then you become the judge and sentence him to death?” “This is unheard of in any society,” he remarked.

According to the Prime Minister, blasphemy defendants were not represented by lawyers in court, and judges declined to hear cases in a fearful climate.

After the December 2014 attack on the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar, which killed 156 people, predominantly schoolchildren, he pronounced the Sialkot lynching to be another watershed point in Pakistan’s history.

Following the APS assault, Pakistan won the fight on terror, and now, after the Sialkot event, the entire country has decided that “it would not allow that to happen again,” according to PM Khan.

The prime minister said that the business community in Sialkot has agreed to donate $100,000 to the Priyantha family and to continue paying his monthly wage for the rest of his life.

Sri Lankan High Commissioner Mohan Wijewickrama, officials of the federal government, and others were present during the ceremony.

In comparison to lynchings in India

The prime minister claimed that mob lynching had become commonplace in India since the BJP took control, but the Sialkot episode allowed Indian television stations to claim that “look this also happens” in Pakistan.

“It doesn’t happen here,” says the narrator. And as long as I live, I will not allow this to happen here,” Imran Khan declared.

Later, the Prime Minister placed a floral wreath on Priyantha Kumara’s image.

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