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Bangladesh People are Drawn to the Turkish Drama Serial

Osman’s rules, according to Kuruluş. Bangladesh
Viewers are drawn to the Turkish series because it depicts history rather than mythology.

According to executives at the Dhaka-based satellite and cable station National Television (NTV), which has been airing the series since February 2, the Bengali-dubbed Turkish mega TV series Kurulus: Osman has become one of the most popular shows in Bangladesh.

People have been drawn to the series because of its unique concept and great images, according to Shah Md Saifullah Saif, senior producer of NTV, who spoke to Anadolu Agency. “This is one of our television channel’s most popular programmes, and it’s a record success that a mega-series has garnered such tremendous popularity in just one month,” Saif remarked.


People in Bangladesh are drawn to the Turkish serial because it depicts history rather than mythology, he claims. “You will find a really strong theme, full of excitement, amazing dialogues, awesome visual sequences, and filming at some very picturesque hills and wooded places of the old city of Istanbul if you watch Kurulus: Osman,” Saif continued.

Turkish diplomat Mustafa Osman Turan told Anadolu Agency that Turkish serials in Bangladesh had created a new type of tie between the two countries. “They inspire Bangladeshi tourists to come to Turkiye and learn about Turkish culture and history. It is the most effective means of facilitating face-to-face interactions”

Kurulus: Osman is Rafiqul Islam’s favourite television show, according to Rafiqul Islam, professor of Arabic at Dhaka University. “I used to prefer the Turkish mega-series Dirilis: Ertugrul, but now Kurulus: Osman is at the top of my list. I’ve never been as taken aback by a television show as I am by these two mega-series “According to Islam.

“I’ve already watched all of Kurulus: Osman’s episodes online with Bengali and English subtitles. I’m currently watching Bengali dubbing episodes with my family “Abdus Salam, a Dhaka resident, remarked


He went on to say that the series has become the most popular television show among his family and other relatives.

Outstanding topics, debate, and ethical teachings have been incorporated in Kurulus: Osman, according to Bangladeshi medical professor Firdausi Qadri, who earned the Ramon Magsaysay Award, known as Asia’s Nobel Prize, in 2021. “This wonderful mega-series has mesmerised me and I am thoroughly enjoying it,” Qadri said, adding that such a series is critical for the development of good governance and social justice.

People are recalling a key chapter of Muslim history that was formed and existed based on justice not only for Muslims but also for all people, he remarked, after seeing Kurulus: Osman.

“Following the demise of the Ottoman Empire, 45 states emerged as independent entities. Regrettably, the majority of those countries have failed to continue operating on the basis of justice and the rule of law “Alam has been regarded.

Mohammad Saleh Uddin, a Dhaka University student, echoed his sentiments, saying that during the Ottoman Empire’s 800-year history, no forces dared to oppress Muslims, and it also exercised justice and the rule of law. “Osman’s battles with the savage Mongols, the Knights Templars, and the Seljuk dynasty’s complicated internal plots. It’s packed with thrills, scary moments, and moral teachings for Muslims facing modern issues “he stated.



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