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Aurora Borealis Can Light Up The Skies Of North America

Aurora Borealis:! Thanks to a large solar flare, Northern Lights can offer a beautiful sky show for some Americans during the Halloween weekend.

The flames, which erupted Thursday and are expected to reach the ground on Saturday, could cause aurora borealis to be seen in the northern part of the country and in Europe, the Washington Post reported.

CNN reported that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, released a G3 or “strong” geomagnetic storm clock over the weekend. The scale of geomagnetic storms starts with G1, or minor storms, and ends at G5, a extreme storm.

According to the Post, G3 Hurricane could produce Northern Lights displays as far south as Pennsylvania, Iowa and Oregon. According to a CNN report from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute Aurora.

Northern Lights can be seen from Portland, Oregon to New York City, weather permitting. It can also be seen on the horizon south of Oklahoma City and Riley, North Carolina.

According to the post, solar flares come from sun spots far from the surface of the sun. According to the newspaper, when solar energy ignites, X-rays and other high-energy particles are thrown out in all directions.

The Post reported that Thursday’s solar flare came from NOAA Active Region 2887, a large sunspot group mapped by scientists.

According to the newspaper, for the best opportunity to see the colorful lights, find an area that offers uninterrupted views on the northern horizon. (Aurora Borealis)

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