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Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu 1 Bölüm 1 – Release Date

Melikshah takes the throne after the death of Seljuk Ruler Sultan Alparslan.

Alp-Arslan – Seljuq sultan (Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu)

Alternate titles: ʿAḍud al-Dawla Abū Shujaʿ Muḥammad ibn Dāʾūd Chaghribeg, Alparslan


Alp-Arslan, Turkish Alparslan (“Courageous Lion”), original name ʿaḍud al-Dawla Abū Shujaʿ Muḥammad ibn Dāʾūd Chaghribeg, (born c. 1030—died November 1072/January 1073), 2nd sultan of the Seljuq Turks (1063–72), who inherited the Seljuq territories of Khorāsān and western Iran and went on to conquer Georgia, Armenia, and lots of Asia Minor (gained from the Byzantines).

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Alp-Arslan becomes the son of Chaghri Beg, the ruler of Khorāsān in Iran, and the nephew of Toghrïl, the governor of western Iran, the base of Seljuq expansion. In 1061 his father died. When, in 1063, his uncle died without issue, Alp-Arslan have become the sole inheritor to all of the possessions of the dynasty besides Kerman, in southern Iran, which become held with the aid of using one in every one of his brothers, whom he directly decreased to vassalage. He likewise without difficulty removed the son of one in every of Toghrïl’s widows, in addition to Qutlumush, a cousin and rival.

Born out of doors the conventional Muslim nations that he become later to govern, Alp-Arslan left their management to his vizier, Niẓām al-Mulk, who later persisted as administrator beneathneath the sultan’s son and successor, Malik-Shāh. While keeping manage of Iraq, Alp-Arslan nonetheless avoided that us of a with a view to keep away from such clashes of hobbies with the caliphate, the seat of which become there, as had complex Toghrïl’s closing days.

Alp-Arslan’s political hobby become primarily based totally at the thoughts that stimulated all of the 3 splendid Seljuq sovereigns. In Central Asia, peace become maintained with the Ghaznavid rulers who have been tough to tune down of their mountain strongholds in India, while in opposition to the Qarakhanids of Transoxania, pressure become used.


In the west, wherein Alp-Arslan become to benefit all his glory, he become confronted with a greater complex situation. On the only hand, he determined to visit Egypt to weigh down the Ismāʿīlī Fāṭimid heresy, which the ʿAbbāsid Sunni caliphate at Baghdad, whose protector he become, might now no longer accept.

On the alternative hand, he become privy to the need of preserving his affect over the Oğuz Turkic tribes (once in a while known as Turkmens), which become important to his navy strength. The tribes have been fascinated notably withinside the fulfillment of the holy conflict in opposition to the infidels and in raids on Christian territory. Against the Byzantines and their Armenian and Georgian neighbours, Alp-Arslan carried out a chain of campaigns, which have been prolonged with the aid of using assaults from self sufficient Oğuz bands.

In 1064 he seized Ani, the previous Armenian capital, and Kars. These operations resulted simplest in a few consolidation of boundaries, which confident Seljuq manage over pastureland at the Aras River. Nevertheless, even though the bands back to Muslim territory to shop away their booty, those expeditions dissatisfied the Byzantine protection machine and paved the manner for the following Turkish conquest of Asia Minor. They ended in Byzantine reactions in Syria and Armenia, and then the 2 empires started to negotiate.

Alp-Arslan then judged himself sufficiently included at the Byzantine facet to undertake, on the request of Egyptian rebels, the splendid anti-Fāṭimid day trip that have been requested for with the aid of using the orthodox ʿAbbāsid caliphate. As he become approximately to assault Aleppo, whose prince become too past due in siding with the ʿAbbāsids, and become getting ready to occupy Syria, Alp-Arslan found out that the Byzantine emperor Romanus IV Diogenes, with an impressive military, become assaulting his rear military in Armenia. Quickly retracing his steps, he confronted his adversary close to Manzikert in August 1071.

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu 1. Bölüm 1. Fragman | 8 Kasım Pazartesi

The Byzantine military, effective in numbers however vulnerable in morale, fell earlier than the outnumbered however devoted Turks. By nighttime the Byzantine military become defeated, and, for the primary time in history, a Byzantine emperor had emerge as the prisoner of a Muslim sovereign.

Alp-Arslan’s aim become now no longer to ruin the Byzantine Empire: he become content material with the rectification of boundaries, the promise of tribute, and an alliance. But the Battle of Manzikert opened Asia Minor to Turkmen conquest. Later, each princely own circle of relatives in Asia Minor become to say an ancestor who had fought on that prestigious day.

Alp-Arslan’s triumph become accompanied with the aid of using a common dying, allowing moralists to remember that energy rests simplest in God: on the quit of 1072, he had back to the Qarakhanid frontier and, at some stage in a quarrel, become mortally wounded with the aid of using a prisoner. He had distinct as his inheritor his son Malik-Shāh, thirteen ye.



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