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Aftermath of the Hijab, Indian State has Reopened Certain Schools

In the aftermath of the hijab controversy, an Indian state has reopened certain schools.

Within 200 metres (650 feet) near educational establishments, authorities have outlawed gatherings of more than five persons.

Some schools in a southern Indian state reopened on Monday after protests last week over female students being denied the right to wear hijabs, or head-to-toe burqas, in class.


The problem, which many in India’s Muslim minority population regard as an attempt by authorities in a Hindu-dominated country to marginalise them, comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prepares for state elections.

Police protector as students in the pink uniforms, wearing almost a dozen hijab, entered a government school, where this matter was first to fly in the district of Karnataka State, which approximately 400 from Bangaluro’s tech hub Kilometers (248 miles) away.

Authorities have forbidden groups of more than five individuals from congregating within 200 metres (650 feet) of local educational institutions, which have resumed lessons from primary to high school, though higher grades and colleges remain closed.

The move comes after a state court set Monday to hear the case, telling students not to wear anything religious, from saffron shawls to scarves or hijabs in classrooms until further notice.


The court said in an interim order last week that whether wearing the hijab in the classroom is part of the essential religious practice of Islam in the light of constitutional guarantees needs to be thoroughly investigated.

The issue came to the fore after protests last week when some schools refused to admit uniformed students, allegedly in violation of the state’s February 5 order on uniforms, which was criticized by Modi’s BJP. JP government.

The party has its support mainly from the majority Hindu community, which is about 80% of India’s population of about 1.4 billion, while Muslims make up about 13%.

Ayesha Imthiaz, an Udupi student, claimed being asked to remove her headscarf before class was embarrassing.

On the weekend, she told Reuters that she felt her “faith had been questioned and humiliated by a place that I had seen as a temple of enlightenment.”

Pradeep Kurudekar S, a district officer in Udupi’s coastal district, told reporters that officials would wait for additional directions from the court or the government before resuming all classes.

The issue caused the US government and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai to declare their support for Muslim girls and women.



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